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The majority of this site is in Swedish. This is because most of our domains are registered under the top-level domain of .SE, the domains are popular generic words in Swedish and the majority of our customers are based in Sweden or other countries in the Nordic region.

We are of course still interested in doing business with non-Swedish companies too and have previous experience of international transactions in EUR or USD via, so below is a presentation in English of what we can help you with. Let’s begin with some history.

Company history

The company behind, Lexolar, was founded in 2000 by Henrik and has over the years tried out different business ventures. Between 2007-2015 the company’s main business venture has been to build its own domain portfolio with the intention to build innovative and exciting Internet services on the domain names being registered.

In the beginning of 2007, approximately 600 000 domains were registered under the top-level domain of .SE compared to almost 1 600 000 in the beginning of 2019, so when the change of the company’s business direction occurred in 2007 there was still a chance for anyone to register good, generic and popular words as domain names under the top-level of domain .SE. Within the domain name industry those names are mostly known as premium domain names.

The company today and what we can help you with

As the years passed, Henrik finally realized there will never be enough time to develop services on all of the domains that the company has acquired over the years and it was time to make an effort to sell off some of its domain portfolio. was born and became the company’s latest business venture and the name actually suits the new business direction quite good. This because the company actually has no name as the owner, Henrik, no longer refers to its formal name (Lexolar), the number of domain names (no of names) in the company is too great for its own good and the company’s new main purpose is to help other companies with no name to find a new name with high quality that is easy for their intended audience to remember, requires them to spend less on search engine advertising and is easy to also make known as a brand.

Domains currently for sale

Please feel free to have a look at the list of .SE domains we currently have for sale (in Swedish).

The company behind is VAT registered in Sweden, which is part of the European Union (EU). All of our own domains’ selling prices on this site are in SEK (Swedish Krona) excluding VAT.

Transactions can also be performed in EUR (€) or USD ($) via According to ECB the current exchange rate is approximately 1 SEK = € 0,09 = $ 0.10.

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If you are interested in any of our .SE domains, have any questions or request additional information, please use the contact form below.